Cinematic history (2)
6. The first theatre selling tickets through computer
It was Imperial Theatre which at an early stage in 1989 first equipped with the service of selling tickets through computers, being followed suit by such other circuits as UA, Broadway and Golden Harvest, has become a general practice.
7. The first theatre presenting ticket sales through telephone and website
The UA chain of theatres was the first to service "booking through the City Line" in 1993 and later on website in 1997.
8. The First theatre employing digital-screening
The New Imperial Theatre at 220 Wanchai Road in Hong Kong was the first theatre to screen movies using digital-screening technique on 1 July 1997 and the movie was named "Our Last Day" directed by Cheng Pou-soi and produced by B & S Film Production Ltd.  That theatre has closed down, and now  40 theatres are capable of screening movies in digital system.
9. The first mini-cinema
It was the Capital Theatre in Tonkin Street in Shumshuipo; it commenced business in mid 1982.
10. The first theatre equipped with air-conditioning
It was the King's Theatre in Queen's Road Central between Wyndham Street and D'Aguilar Street.  The theatre was built in 1931 and demolished in 1990; and the building now on the site is the re-erected "Entertainment Building".