As of Jan 2019, we have total 57 cinema members, 16 located in HK island, 22 located in Kowloon side and 19 in N.T.  If count by screen, we have total 257 screens, 62 screens in HK Island, 110 screens in Kowloon side and 85 in N.T.   If count by no. of seat, we have total 41113 seats, 9013 seats in HK Island, 19557 seats in Kowloon side and 12543 in N.T.


Below is the 37th Board Member List (Year 2016-2020)



Starting from back (left to right):


Director - Mr Jazz Lung (Broadway Tsuen Wan)    Director - Ms Jessica Lai (Dynasty Theatre)     Director - Ms Alice Ho (Cinema City Langham Place)

Director - Ms Christina Chong (Grand Kornhill)    Director-Ms Iria Lau (The Grand Cinema)

Director - Ms Lisa Yim (Paris London New York Milano Cinema)    Director - Ms Rosa Lin (had resigned, replace by Mr. William Tam) (UA Cine Times)    Director - Mr C.Y. Lau (Grand Ocean)


Director - Ms Karen Kwan (GH Citywalk)    Director - Mr Ivan Wong (UA iSQUARE)    Vice Chairman - Mr Chui Hin Wai (Cine-Art House)

President - Mr Chan Wing Mei (Newport Theatre)    Chairman - Ms June Wong (MCL Metro)    Vice President - Mr Pow Man Fan (Ma On Shan Classics)

Vice Chairman - Ms Tessa Lau(Broadway Mongkok)    Director - Ms Helena Young (The Metroplex)